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NOTE: Submit only ONE entry at a time. If you wish to send more than one entry, your data and files should be sent in separate form sessions.

Hello! You can submit your entry here. Fill in the required fields carefully - especially your e-mail address - this will be used to confirm your submission and communicate with you if we have any problems or concerns.

In the Notes field, put everything that is important for the correct presentation of the entry - you can also enter your postal details if you will not be at the party in person, so that we can send you a statuette and/or prize.

You can upload more than one in the file field - pack your work in ZIP format and you can also send a video with it in MP4 format.

NOTE: Since file uploads are "non-blocking", make sure they are fully uploaded before submitting the form. Any problems please report to


Deadline: 2024-08-15, 12:00 CEST (UTC+2)

Upload files here. Main file of entry, compressed as ZIP will be shared officially afterwards so make sure you put the necessary things inside (e.g. info file, etc.)
In addition, put a video file here (optional, recommended) in MP4 format (details in Regulations)*