SV2022WE tickets
Some of you are already in Gdansk... others are counting down the days until SV2022WE... hours... and there are probably those who are counting down the minutes :) It's a very difficult time for the entire SV Team. Above all, we would like to meet your expectations. We'll do whatever we can. We will try to stream the most important points of the SV2022WE program - on Thursday a test of what is happening at the party-place (including Felice/Maggie Team concert), on Friday the official opening (related to the 30th anniversary of the Atari Falcon 030 computer), Wacek and DMA-SC concerts, crazy & wild compo... and on Saturday everything everyone is waiting for - the main compo. The direct link to the stream is here:
The purchase of a ticket is also a chance to organize subsequent editions of SV. Many thanks in advance.
And is it worth it? To quote one of my friends from the Atari scene, when I asked if he was planning to submit any compo entry to SV2022WE - "does the boar shit in the forest?" :) On Atari2600 we expect at least 3 entries in the Demo Compo category, for Atari XL/XE - at least 8 + additionally 1 Demo for VBXE extension, for Atari ST/STe - at least 4 entries, for Atari 7800 - at least 3 demos, Atari Falcon - at least 2 demos (+1 in the Wild category), Atari Jaguar - at least 1 intro/demo.
p.s. Of course, you can also buy a ticket during the event!