After difficult consultations and a great brainstorm, we can finally present you the ticket prices for the summer edition of SV2022 SE - the highest demoscene event in the world! We would like to thank everyone in advance for your support, hoping that it will be enough to see you again at the SV winter edition :) (in short - that all costs related to logistics will be covered).

Here is the direct link to the tickets section of the official SV2022 SE website: TICKETS

Additionally, if any of you runs a company or is makes decisions in matters of marketing/sponsorship, and would like to help SV on its behalf - please contact us directly by e-mail:


The "Location/Accommodation" section has been updated on the SV website, which every SV participant should read - you will find there answers to frequently asked questions about the place of the event: LOCATION / ACCOMMODATION

And finally - is it worth buying a ticket for "Sofa-Sceners"? So for people who cannot physically attend the party, but would like to remotely decide about the results of the competition entries? Of course! All Atari platforms are welcome at SV, and we will take the opportunity to tell you that at the moment we have announcements of entries for VCS, Atari XL/XE, Atari ST/STe, Lynx, Falcon, Jaguar... as well as two others that we would prefer to keep as a surprise until the party itself :) Atari 4ever!

Thank you for your attention :)

p.s. Special thanks to Hospes for graphics, Wiecz0r for technical support with tickets and Unseen Menace for grammar checks.