Here's invitation for SillyVenture 2k22 WE for Atari Jaguar - down below video and download link

--- download ---


Hello there!

Because stream recording in YT happened to be incomplete - live stream was broadcasted properly to the very end, but somehow recording is stripped down - here's supplement from the other source  - official recording ends about 4:12:00. Thank you for Amiga Wave channel for sharing!

Link down below contains a stream for competition results heald

Please find link to official stream below:

According to published schedure, official opening will happen at 15:00 (CEST) and then we'll begin official streaming, link will be published through all channels, also here.


sv2022se tickets


Close, closer... even closer! :) In a few days we will celebrate the 50th anniversary of Atari together... with ATARI! A precedent like never before! :) Are you ready?! :) It will be real emotional roller-coaster! :D Starting from the new venue to attractions - especially on Saturday! I also mean competitions that will be equally exciting :) For every ATARI platform we have declared coded entry! For some, much more than one :) An example? In the demo category e.g. Atari 2600 - 3 entries, Atari XL/XE - 8 or Atari ST/STe - 6 are declared :) It will be great Saturday night! So please consider purchasing one of the tickets to support SV and future editions - it's worth it! The stream itself is of course free, but the purchase of one of the tickets will also allow you to participate remotely by voting for your favorite entries!
Link to tickets:
And in the winter, we meet at the "aftermaths" - December 8-11 (Thursday-Sunday), which also will be exciting in the topic of entries :) More STRONG competition prods are coming and even more people from abroad!

May the power of ATARI be with you!

p.s. A little update! The 7th demo for Atari STe was released, but the authors want it to go in the WILD category. And why, you will find out at the party (and during the stream)! :) Anyway, there will also be some gems in the Wild category! :)

sv team olivia star

Most of the SV Team (some are on vacation) went to Olivia Star to arrange logistics issues at the party-place (where to set the big screen, number of tables, chairs, curtain control...). We also have a lobby and a smoking room at our disposal :) Moreover, a great sound system, WiFi, a 5m x 4m big screen (!!!) and this view! :) You can also see the stadium where the summer edition of SV2020+1SE took place :)

Listen, it will be a real blast! :) Get ready for amazing emotions! There is also an observation deck at our disposal until 01:00am on Friday night and until 11:00pm on Saturday! Of course, for all participants, the entrance to the terrace is unlimited and completely free!

May the power of ATARI be with you!

See you soon! :)

It has already become a tradition! Thanks to Rafa┼é from MyTube, we will once again enjoy the delicious Silly fudges! ­čÖé

Rafa┼é, thank you! ÔŁĄ Candy wrapper was designed by the tireless mOOnie/MSB.




As the list of "catering" and "open bar" will be provided on this Monday, August 8, people who would like to use this option - please fill out the form below:



It's time to present the official schedule for the summer edition of Silly Venture 2022!

THURSDAY - August 11

time. 07:00pm - people who want to help with preparations for the event are traditionally welcome and desired :) due to the busy schedule of the "Olivia Star" venue the hour of the Thursday meeting is still to be confirmed.

FRIDAY - August 12

time. 10:00am - presentation of demoscene productions from VCS, to XL/XE, ST/STe, Lynx, Falcon and Jaguar

time. 03:00pm - Crazy Compo #1

time. 06:00pm - DOOM tournament on two networked Atari Jaguar consoles!

SATURDAY - August 13

time. 11:30am - interview with the Special Guest - Jarosław Łojewski (Carampuc). Co-founder of the "ASF" company - one of the top publishers of Atari XL / XE software in Poland (1991-1993).

carampuc en

time. 01:00pm - Kaz/AtariOnline.PL with talk about "Grel" - the new Polish magazine about vintage computers"


time. 02:00pm - Crazy Compo # 2

time. 03:00pm - official opening ceremony, including:

- welcome drink (adults - a glass of Montelvini Promosso Collezione Spumante Extra Dry sparkling wine, children - non-alcoholic drinks)

- Atari 50th anniversary cake - cake serving (Yuzu Cake - American Blueberry: yuzu mousse, blueberry jelly, roasted butter and macadamia nut crunch, meringue dacquoise with caramelized citrine)

- video prepared for the 50th anniversary of Atari at SV2022SE! (surprise!)

time. 04:00pm - a photo together!
time. 04:30pm - DJ Set: Lotek Style (Germany)

time. 05:30pm - WHIP! Pong Compo
time. 06:00pm - COMPO (all categories and all platforms!)

SUNDAY - August 14

time. 10:30am - announcement of the results, award ceremony

time. 02:00pm - closing the gates

Thanks to Hospes for the graphics, and to Unseen Menace for the constant grammar assistance ;)

sv ST logo

mOOnie / MSB (author of all SV logos) has just prepared a low-res version for ST. The file can be downloaded from here:
SV2022SE low-res ST logo download

Information in the LOCATION / ACCOMMODATION section has been updated - there are still available rooms at STUDENT DEPOT GDANSK!

It's time for another video-invitation to this year's Silly Venture 2022 - the biggest party for Atari fans from all over the world! This time, famous figures from Poland are inviting to our party... and who exactly - you will find out by watching our video! 

Invitation was presented on July 30 at the Teddy Beer Party in Tuchola / Poland.

Listen, this is probably the last important point before our event, but no less important than the previous ones, that is...



There are three options:


The first, non-binding, is the "Vidok├│wka" Restaurant on the 32nd floor, with an observation deck (with affordable prices, for example: pizza from 27PLN to 40PLN, regional beer Amber - from 14PLN to 16PLN). All alcoholic drinks can be ordered in glasses, bottles, etc...
The second option is to order food in the form of a "buffet".  In the second room next to the SV there will be open catering buffet (with lots of delicacies, including dessert!).
The third option is the "Open Bar" (non-alcoholic "Soft" version or alcohol-non-alcoholic "Classic" version).

Of course, options with food and drinks can be combined.

DETERMINED (!!!!) persons are asked to fill in the form by Sunday, July 31st. E-mails will be sent on Monday with the catering option selected and a request for payment.



If someone would like to take advantage of a different form of catering outside of the party place, 650m away there are "McDonald's" and "Pizza Pasta & Basta". However, please do not bring outside food to SV.


Thanks to Hospes for the graphics and Unseen Menace for grammar-assictance ;)

last call

Attention! Since the t-shirts are going to be printed next Monday, July 25, people who have missed the topic - can fill in the form and place an order during the weekend. Later it remains only to hope that it will be interesting in the designated party color and size. And believe me - it will be worth having such a souvenir :) An unprecedented thing is being prepared, which will surely pass to history! And the t-shirt will remind you of that ;)

Price: 21 EUR

If you are interested, please fill in the form at the following link:

SV2022 Summer Edition T-Shirts

We encourage you to buy a T-shirt - after the party it will have (in a sense) historical value! It is worth having such a souvenir - even if you are only observing our event remotely!

There is a possibility of personal collection at the event, or shipping by mail - this time much faster! We apologize for the delays so far!

Two gfx artists from the Atari XL/XE scene prepared GIFs with the Atari50 logo to be used in coded entries for SV2022SE. The authors are Tiger/New Generation and Rocky/Mad Team.

Tiger made an animated *.GIF:




...and Rocky made 2 PICTURES in *.g2f format - one unofficial with a rainbow :)





If you use one of these logos - please do not forget to mention their authors in the credits!

Thank you!


Attention! From what the party-people report, the hotels I mentioned earlier are already full :) Of course, you can check it on your own, maybe someone canceled their reservation, but until yesterday everything was taken. That's why I added another hotel to the accommodation base today. Here are the details:

Student Depot Gdańsk
Gdańsk, Kolobrzeska 36 street

Distance from party-place: 1.7km

phone: +48 697 126 788


Private single or double studios with bathroom and kitchenette are available (photos attached). But beware, the indicated date covers the long August weekend (August 15th is a public holiday in Poland), therefore the availability may be slightly lower, and the prices higher. So it's better not to postpone your booking until the last minute!

The price when using the password "ATARI" for a discount of approx. 25% is:

- single studio: 230 PLN
- two-person studio: 290 PLN

Prices include VAT and city tax.

Hours for check-in/check-out: 4pm / 10am

Parking: additionally payable 30PLN/day (depending on availability)








falcon256b intro

At the request of one of the entry authors, another competition category is added to the SV2022SE - "Atari Falcon030 256b intro" compo.

We encourage you to participate!

Traditional thanks to Hospes for the picture.

As I informed you before, Atari have officially assumed patronage over Silly Venture this year. To celebrate together we will be Atari's 50th anniversary! This is related to, inter alia, with the donation by our honorable patron of the goodies that will be added to the prize pool of the summer edition of SV! The pack is on its way and there are a lot of fantastic things to be won by the competition winners. After quick consultation I decided that 3 new VCS consoles will be awarded to the winners of the 1st place in the demo compo category for the following platforms: Atari 2600, Atari XL/XE and Atari ST/STe.

The Atari VCS 800 Onyx All In (worth $ 399.99) will go to the winner of the first place in the ATARI 2600 Demo Compo.



The Atari VCS800 Blk Walnut All-In (worth $ 399.99 / each) will go to the winners of the first place in ATARI XL/XE and ATARI ST/STe Demo Compo.

ATARI VCS Black Walnut All In

VCS kits include, among others a high-quality wireless modern controller and classic (but also wireless) joystick. As for the Atari XL/XE Demo Compo category, the winner will have the right to choose a new VCS or Atari 1040 STe. If the winner selects the VCS, the STe will automatically be awarded to the 2nd place winners, or vice versa. Very interesting prizes are also waiting for the winners of the 1st place in the MSX Compo category, namely:

Atari 2600 MSX Compo

Atari XL/XE Pokey MSX Compo

Atari ST/STe YM2149 MSX Compo

Atari ST/STe 4CHN MSX Compo

Atari Falcon MSX Compo

They will be fantastic hats from the "Atari Fuji Blackout Speakerhat" series worth $ 129.99 each!

ATARI SpeakerHat
The Speakerhat is a baseball-style cap with high-fidelity stereo speakers and microphone that can connect instantly to any Bluetooth-enabled device. Stereo speakers and microphone, V 4.1 CSR/Qualcomm┬« cVcÔäó audio technology, 5-band EQ, Advanced Audio Distribution Profile (A2DP), Audio/Video Remote Control Profile (AVRCP v1.4) and Headset Profile (HSP v1.2), rechargeable lithium Ion battery, universal control button, and LED indicator light.
Package contents: Speakerhat with Universal Button Control and LED Indicator Light, Micro USB Charging Cable, 2.5mm Headset (Optional).
In partnership with Audiowear┬«. 

In the remaining competitions, excellent T-shirts from the Centipede and Recharged Bomb series will be additionally donated.


I strongly encourage you to participate in competitions! I think it's worth it :D

Dear Silly Venture participants - Both those who will physically show up at the event, and those who observe us remotely - I have to show you something ... :) But before I can write it down, a short introduction:[EN] Dear Silly Venture participants - Both those who will physically show up at the event, and those who observe us remotely - I have to show you something ... :) But before I can write it down, a short introduction:

Until the summer edition of Silly Venture 2022, to be held in the days from August 12 to August 14 remains (which is easy count) just over a month away! Almost all the details related to the event are already known and (I think I can risk such a statement) it has a good reputation among atarians all over the world. Managed to build up the brand I was working on, with few breaks since 2000!

Due to the fact that ATARI is celebrating its 50th anniversary this year, an unprecedented thing happened. In a way it is a historical event and the culmination of my contribution to promoting ATARI brands in the world :) I am happy like a kid! :D

Well, the official patronage over the event was taken up by... 


Yes, THIS IS NOT A JOKE! Atari has become the official patron of Silly Venture! Soon I will receive prizes for participants competitions - incl. in the form of VCS consoles! Speaking of competitions, all submitted and presented entries will be viewed by... new Atari management :) This is what happened with previous SV entries, because I was asked to send links to the entries that were submitted for competitions over the years - from VCS to the XL/XE series, ST/STe, Lynx, Falcon, and ending with Jaguar! Including... DEMOS! :) What is most pleasing is that Atari has taken this decision after getting acquainted with the many years of Silly Venture's achievements! :)

It is possible that something will attract the attention of Atari enough that it will want to start closer cooperation with an author sometime? :)

Could you imagine a better celebration of Atari's 50th anniversary? :) And that's not all! There are also many attractions waiting for us at the party itself, including a long competition marathon - traditionally a lot of entries are expected from the VCS console to the XL/XE, ST/STe series, Lynx, Falcon and Jaguar! Entries are also expected from friendly "guest" platforms (C64 and others), which SV did not exclude and will not exclude :)

Thank you all! This is our joint work! :) 


At this point, I would like to mention one of the participants of the SV, who supports this year's SV in a special way - Thomas Niemann (a.k.a. Schlampf). It was he who made me believe that there is nothing impossible! Made me have a look at the entire legacy of SV from a different perspective and follow the blow - thank you for that, Thomas! <3 For your faith in SV and in me! :)

And finally, today we have an official video-invitation that encourages you to participate in both this year's SV2022 editions - summer and winter


Enjoy the video!

See you at the summer / winter edition of Silly Venture 2022!

p.s. I have one more request for you. If you are going to participate in SV (whether it's physically or remotely), or maybe you'd like to support the event by purchasing any of the tickets - do it now! This will allow me to pay off the installments related to the venue and related logistics. Direct link:

Thank you! <3

p.s. Kudos to UnseenMenace for being my unofficial grammar checker ;)

SV2022SE T shirts summary

I encourage you to order SV2022 T-shirts! We are waiting for your completed forms until July 22 (Friday). There are 5 colours to choose from - next to them are the manufacturer's catalog numbers, do not be influenced by them, this information is for us only. T-shirts are of better quality than the last - higher grammage as well change of manufacturer. The logos from the sleeves "Atari50" and "Gda┼äsk" were transferred to the back because the designer (mOOnie / MSB) came to the conclusion that there were too many of them - hence a small design change. 
Full list inscriptions on the back: 










2600 VCS 


Back view of the T-shirt:


PRICE: 21 EUR. The price has changed because the cost of the venue itself is very high. Thus, by purchasing a T-shirt, you support the budget of the event related to covering part of the costs.

Thanks in advance! 

If you are interested, please fill in the form at the following link: SV2022 Summer Edition T-shirts!

There is a possibility of personal collection at the event, or shipping by mail. If someone has not received his previous T-shirt, he didn't make it to the party, etc. - don't worry and report it me this fact. Certainly nothing was lost :) Sorry for the delays - new t-shirts will be shipped much faster!


I am pleased to announce the first performance on SV2022 SE, musician known from the Atari 16/32 bit scene, who will present us his DJ set during the 2nd day of our event - Lotek Style / .tSCc.^YM Rockerz^Demozoo.

Lotek Style is responsible for many soundtracks for demos, incl. to the BEAMS demo on Atari TT:


p.s. Traditional thanks to Hospes for preparing the poster.

August 13 (Saturday), at 11:30am a Discussion Panel with a Special Guest is planned:
Jarosław Łojewski (Carampuc) - ex-demoscener, organizer of the first Atari Party in Poland, which was held in Gdansk under the name "Atari Stars Party" (1990). Co-founder of the "ASF" company - one of the top publishers of Atari XL/XE software in Poland (1991-1993).
p.s. Thanks to Hospes for the poster.
carampuc en


One of the SV participants, namely Thomas Niemann (a.k.a. Schlampf) from Germany, prepared a very nice teaser related to our event with the help of the Atari 1040 STe and the Photochrome tool :) Anyway, see for yourself! The link to the YouTube video is below:

After difficult consultations and a great brainstorm, we can finally present you the ticket prices for the summer edition of SV2022 SE - the highest demoscene event in the world! We would like to thank everyone in advance for your support, hoping that it will be enough to see you again at the SV winter edition :) (in short - that all costs related to logistics will be covered).

Here is the direct link to the tickets section of the official SV2022 SE website: TICKETS

Additionally, if any of you runs a company or is makes decisions in matters of marketing/sponsorship, and would like to help SV on its behalf - please contact us directly by e-mail:


The "Location/Accommodation" section has been updated on the SV website, which every SV participant should read - you will find there answers to frequently asked questions about the place of the event: LOCATION / ACCOMMODATION

And finally - is it worth buying a ticket for "Sofa-Sceners"? So for people who cannot physically attend the party, but would like to remotely decide about the results of the competition entries? Of course! All Atari platforms are welcome at SV, and we will take the opportunity to tell you that at the moment we have announcements of entries for VCS, Atari XL/XE, Atari ST/STe, Lynx, Falcon, Jaguar... as well as two others that we would prefer to keep as a surprise until the party itself :) Atari 4ever!

Thank you for your attention :)

p.s. Special thanks to Hospes for graphics, Wiecz0r for technical support with tickets and Unseen Menace for grammar checks.

Welcome to the new version of the SV2022SE website! Starting from tomorrow, i.e. from June 6, we will be sharing with you information about the summer edition of our event! The website is not ready yet, but today you can get acquainted  with the location and information about accommodation, and see/add yourself to the visitors list - which we strongly encourage you to do! Traditionally, this will allow us to plan our budget more precisely, which is extremely tight... Information on tickets should appear today/tomorrow evening.

The website was traditionally prepared by the wiecz0r, the SV2022SE logo was designed by mOOnie, the background music was composed by Mr. Quiet (you have to turn it on with the blue button "PLAY" on the left), and I - Grey is responsible for the content of the site.

Additionally, Mr. Quiet has prepared music with an animation, which you can see here:



Special greetings to Unseen Menace for grammar checking!

Here it is! Full Compo archive to download in one *.ZIP! Files sorted by platforms: Atari 2600, Atari 8-bit, Atari ST, Lynx, Falcon, Jaguar, Commodore64, ZX Spectrum & Wild,

Get it from here:


As promised, exactly 2 weeks after SV2021 Winter Edition, ALL ENTRIES taking part in the competitions were sent to the admin of the DEMOZOO.ORG website.

Direct link to SV2021 works on Demozoo:

On Tuesday, December 28, it will be possible to download "packages" with works by platforms from the official website of the event.

results logo


SV2021 official results!