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Since time flies inexorably quickly, I am presenting you a comprehensive accommodation offer for the summer edition of Silly Venture.

The first offer concerns the Marina Club complex, which includes both a hotel, a hostel and apartments - so you can choose a standard that suits your budget.

Despite the rather hot period (the summer season in Gdańsk is very popular with tourists), we managed to negotiate a 15% discount using the "ATARI" password on basic offers available on the website in 3 facilities:

Hotel Marina Club
10 Szafarnia Street
80-755 Gdańsk
(distance approx. 1 km from the party-place)
phone: +48 58 733 60 01

Hostel Szafarnia 10
10 Szafarnia Street
80-755 Gdańsk
(distance approx. 1 km from the party-place)
phone: +48 58 600 85 00

Apartamenty Marina Club Residence
12 Św. Barbary Street (100 m from the hotel and hostel)
80-753 Gdańsk
(distance approx. 1 km from the party-place)
phone: +48 58 733 60 01

As of June 5, 2024, August 14-19 (Wednesday-Monday) (assuming someone would like to arrive a day earlier or stay a day longer) are available:

  • 26 rooms and apartments in the Marina Club hotel
  • 12 dormitory rooms in the Szafarnia 10 hostel (approx. 140 beds)
  • 2 Marina Club Residence apartments

The Marina Club Hotel complex is located 1 km from the party place.

The "ATARI" password can be used when making reservations by phone, e-mail or directly via websites.

Below are simple instructions on how to use the discount code on the "Marina Club Hotel" ( On the website the situation is analogous - both sites use the same booking engine.

  1. Select your booking date on the home page.
  2. In the upper right corner, click "Enter code".
  3. Enter the code "ATARI" and click "Done".
  4. Now available rooms are displayed at special prices.

DThe second offer, unfortunately more expensive, but very comfortable, is accommodation at Arche Dwór Uphagena Gdańsk, i.e. at the na party place.

ARCHE Dwór Uphagena Gdańsk
1 Prof. Kieturakisa Street
80-742 Gdańsk
phone: +48 58 506 55 91

Here you will also receive a special discount using the "ATARI". password. To book accommodation, click on the link:

Then select a date (e.g. 15-18, i.e. Thursday-Sunday, or 16-18, i.e. Friday-Sunday), and select "Enter code" in the bar at the top of the page and enter "ATARI".

After entering the code, a special offer for rooms will appear.

The third and last offer is Moon Hostel.

Moon Hostel Gdańsk
6a Długie Ogrody Street
80-765 Gdańsk
(distance approx. 900 m from the party-place)
phone: +48 500 331 110

Unfortunately, it was not possible to obtain a discount for the "Atari" password here, but it is possible to obtain it in another way.

There is currently a promotion related to the "Moon Hostelu" profile on Facebook - click "like", then in the post on the timeline you will find a 20% discount code to use.

"SONATA" Student House, which is located in the same area as the one you like so much in the winter - "Dom Muzyka". "SONATA" is definitely a cheaper option - although there is no breakfast here (there are vending machines with sandwiches, drinks, etc. on the premises), but you can order breakfast at the neighboring "Dom Muzyka" 🙂 I will provide you with details about the availability of rooms, etc. below.

Dom Studencki "SONATA"
1-2 Łąkowa Street
80-743 Gdańsk
(distance approx. 700 m from the party-place)
phone: +48 58 300 92 60, +48 58 300 92 61
fax: +48 58 300 92 50

The "Sonata" Student House serves as a student residence during the academic year, and as a hotel during the holiday season. It is located in a 4-story, historic 19th-century building on the campus of the Academy of Music in Gdańsk at 1-2 Łąkowa Street.

  • 700 m from the party-place
  • 400 m from the Old Town
  • 400 m from the Polish Baltic Philharmonic
  • 2 km from the Main Railway Station in Gdańsk
  • 12 km from the airport

Below is information regarding "Dom Sonata" - room availability between August 15-18 (Thursday-Sunday):

Level "500" (i.e. 5th floor)
- 3 single rooms
- 12 double rooms
- 7 rooms for 3 people

Level "400" (i.e. 4th floor)
- 6 rooms for 3 people
- 1 double room

Levels "100-300" (floor 1 to 3)
- 7 rooms for 3 people
- 1 room for 2 people

Rooms located on levels 400 and 500 only have roof windows.

Room prices are as follows:

Student House of the Academy of Music – "DOM SONATA"

Single room – 195 PLN/day
Double room – 295 PLN/day
Triple room – 360 PLN/day

VAT is included in the room price.

The room price does not include a local tax of 3.22 PLN/person/day
BREAKFAST IS NOT INCLUDED in the room price.

Guests can buy breakfast at the Harmonia Restaurant, which is located on the premises of "Dom Muzyka" - the cost of breakfast is 45 PLN.

Payment for the purchased breakfast must be made directly at the Restaurant.

Guests of "Dom Sonata" can use the unguarded parking lot free of charge, which is located in the closed area of ​​the Academy of Music.

Parking tickets are reset directly at the reception of "Dom Sonata".

Reservations can be made directly at the Sonata House Reception.

E-mail address (preferred method of making reservations):

Phone number:
58 300 92 60

Due to the close booking date, it is not possible to block the pool of rooms exclusively for rally participants.

Reservations can be made on request, according to current room availability.

When making a reservation, please provide the password ATARI or SILLY VENTURE.

If you have any problems with booking at any of the facilities, please contact us, I will be happy to help.

Thanks to Hospes for preparing the graphics.