Hello guys all over the world!

My Dears, before delving into the editorial of the new SV site, I hope that while I am writing these words and you are reading them, you pressed the blue "PLAY" button, behind which lies a new, fantastic piece of music composed by wiecz0r :) It was created not only for the needs of this site, but also to celebrate a special anniversary.  What kind of anniversary, you may ask?

Well, it's already 2020... exactly TWO decades, when I picked up the glove to keep the tradition of a big ATARI holiday, which was originally held every Easter back in the day... I could never imagine that my (ad)venture would keep going for so long. During this long trip, lasting for 20 years (!), the most important goal has been achieved - uniting ALL the ATARI scenes! 8, 16, 32 and 64-bit, computers, consoles & handhelds! Thank you all for all those fantastic years! Doesn't matter if you came in person on 1, 2 or more occasions, or just submitted an entry remotely, you are still a building block of SV history, of the event and also my life & passion. Together, we filled out the pages of ATARI demoscene history!

This year we will celebrate the 20th "Silly Venture" anniversary, as well as the 35th Birthday of the Atari ST. Please JOIN US. We WANT you. We NEED you. So, keeping in mind words of one of the Depeche Mode songs...

"Here are my last words
From my heart to you
Nobody knows me
As well as you do"

Please come to Silly Venture, and let's keep making our dream come true!

With ATARI love,

Grey / Mystic Bytes

11th April, 2020


Credits for WWW: Wiecz0r (code/layout/design/audio) & Grey (content).