A Silly Talk (ST) can be a presentation, discussion or any other communication activity within a certain amount of time. A talk can be about anything interesting really. Examples: lightning talk (5 to 10 minutes), brainstorm session, back in the days story, amazing new tool demonstration, interview, quiz or something completely different. 

The talks will be organised in a small classroom at the party location. The atmosphere will be informal, no microphones, no strict rules, just having fun! A beamer is available. Other requirements might be arranged on request.

All talks will be scheduled during the party (not during the demo compo’s!). There will be frequent breaks between talks.

Join us !

You as a visitor are invited to join us and be a Silly Talker! Let us know what kind of talk you want to do and the amount of time you expect it will take. A title and short description (teaser) would also be nice.

Greetings from:
Silly Talks Friendly Management (STFM).

ATTENTION: All times are provisional and may be subject to change


Confirmed "Silly Talks" - Timetable

Cross Development with WUDSN IDE

Everything you wanted to know about life in a lunatic asylum but were afraid to ask
By undisclosed Silly Talker

The MPP file format
By Zerkman/Sector One

K65 compiler - a custom language for 65xx CPU family

Atari 2600 VST - a VST plugin for making Atari 2600 music

Programming the Atari VCS 2600

Stories from the Atari 8-bit demoscene - Assembling a timeline
By Pirx and Frankenstein

How the skills gained developing 8 bit Atari demos may help you in building low latency trading engines. Is coding with AVX instructions on Core i7 similar to 6502?
By former Goldman Sachs VP, JP Morgan Executive Director and demo coder.