special offer

Guys, we still have a lot of "extra" t-shirts after the last SV edition in 2019. Unfortunately, due to the tight schedule of the event, I was not able to deal with their sale during SV (as I initially planned), and when I rested and wanted to deal with this topic - COVID-19 appeared. Needless to say, the shipping of some awards has also been suspended ... (there was also a problem with the return of shipments, including the ones from Australia). The profit from the sale of these T-shirts will be used to ship the remaining prizes. As a reminder - in 2019 we celebrated the 30th anniversary of the Atari Lynx console, hence the shirts include hand-made greetings to event participants from RJ Mical - the creator of this fantastic handheld (in addition, the ATARI logo is printed on the sleeve).


For the same reason, the 2020 calendar is also about this console. Due to the fact that we have the month of May, people willing to buy a T-shirt will receive a calendar FOR FREE !!!


Please send orders to: info@retroventure.eu (yes, RETRO Venture, not Silly), entering in the subject of the e-mail: "T-shirt SV2k19". When ordering t-shirts, please provide its SIZE, quantity. Availability will be checked at a given moment - if the T-shirt is in stock - I will reply by providing the PayPal account for payment and asking for the shipping address.

SV2k19 T-Shirt - 15 euro + 10 euro shipping

At the moment (05.05.2020) the following sizes and quantities of T-shirts are available:

M - 1 pc.
L- 16 pcs. (-3) = 13 pcs.
XL - 8 pcs. (-1) = 7 pcs.
XXL - 7 pcs.
4XL - 1 pc.

I will add some small surprises in the parcels yet :)