6th-8th December 2019

Here are the OFFICIAL SV2k18 results!


Thanks for the large number of participants taking part in the competitions! We received... 117 compo-entries! :)

Please be aware that it's still version 0.9, so particular points may be slightly modified.


THURSDAY - 1st November, 16:00 (organisational meeting)

People that would like to help with event preparations are welcome and needed :)


FRIDAY - 2nd November
06:00 - gates opened
13:00 - presentation of best demos of Silly Venture 2000-2017
17:45 - meeting in the fron of party-place, "Hummer" limousine trip in groups of 18 to the clup "City of Angels" ("Miasto Aniołów"), for first part of concert of our guest - Ultrasyd! Travel will be accompanied by YM2149 music and glass of champagne :) SV2k18 "Hummer" looks like that:

And below you can see Hummer H-2 trip at 2013 to "Kwadratowa" club for concert of our other guest:

19:00-20:30 - concert at club City of Angels (Miasto Aniołów)
20:30 - devil's show 18+ at club City of Angels (Miasto Aniołów)
20:45 - return at party-place
SATURDAY -  3rd November

10:00 - wake up with Red Bull
11:00 - DOOM tournament with 2 networked Atari Jaguar consoles
12:00 - (Silly Talks) BLIBS - swiss army knife for Mad-Pascal / by Wojciech bocianu Bociański
12:30 - common photoshoot with one meter high GDAŃSK logo on Ołowianka island! Atari fans of all nations armed with Atari machines :)

13:30 - official event opening
14:00 - 10th Celebration Of United Atari Scene Art (surprise!)

15:00 - crazy compo
17:00 - competitions beginning


SUNDAY - 4th November

10:00 - results, awards.

And the last thing to convince you to take part in compos - new statuettes! This time more solid, made from glass and much bigger! It wouldn't be possible without Bac from Taquart group :) But I will tell more about it at the party!

We received at the last minute a bunch of prizes from the biggest 8-bit Atari club in the world - Atari Bit Byter User Club from Germany! Thank You Wolfgang Burger!

YES! For one week before the party... we achieved our goal!

Thank you _ALL_ for your sympathy & love to Atari systems!

Another prizes await! This time sponsored by Tytus from PixelRetroShop.PL! There are: women's Marvel Spiderman T-shirt, "Adventures in Raspberry Pi" book - construction set, "Luigi" peaked cap, "Adventures In Minecraft" book - construction set. Big thanks, Tytus!

adds up to the prize pool with the following itmes: 


Ultrasatan - acrylic case - x3

MIST 1.3 in transparent case - x1


Side2 cartridge - x2

Thank You Lotharek!

So... here they come! After "Silly Drinks" it's time for... "Silly Fudgies"! Thanks to Rafal Nowaczuk (Maly_Swd) for making it happen!

"Silly Drinks" on the way! With specially designed label by mOOnie / MSB! Lukasz (Kukems), thank you for your support to make this happen!

We've got awesome Atari Jaguar prizes from AtariAge! (Thank You, Albert!)

Another polish paper-magazine, another "Silly" advertisement!

Meanwhile in the big polish paper magazine... :) Thanks to Lapusz and Hospes!

Nicolas "Tomchi" Flandin (France), who will take part in the "Atari ST Game Compo" with an entry titled "Rox Zero", decided to donate a few copies of his game as prizes in such a beautiful edition ?

Doesn't it look wonderfull? ? Je te remercie beaucoup, Nicolas!

I had a conversation with the board of "Neptun Taxi" which handles taxi stand at airport in Gdansk-Rebiechowo, and I managed to get over 20% discount for their service using "ATARI" as a password ? We agreed fixed prices on the routes "airport-party place" and "party place-airport" depending on the Tariff I or II (4 passenger car)

In Tariff I in the following days:
- 31st October (Wednesday)
- 2nd November (Friday)
- 3rd November (Saturday)
- 5th November (Monday)

price: 50 PLN / ~12€ (you can pay by credit card or in cash)


In Tariff II in the following day:
- 1st November (thursday - holiday)
- 4th November (sunday - holiday)

and generally at night...


price: 70 PLN / ~16.5€ (you can pay by credit card or in cash)


The "Neptun Taxi" stand is situated on the right, just outside the exit from the terminal (follow the yellow lines painted on the floor), get into a Taxi, say "ATARI" as a password... and see you each other on the party-place!


At this year's Silly Venture edition DOOM tournament with 2 networked Atari Jaguars will be held on November 3rd (Saturday) at 12:30pm! You can win very attractive prizes donated by AtariAge! Thank You Albert for the prizes and Krzysztof (Hospes) for the nice poster!

Jerzy Dudek (Duddie), the founder of Retronics has donated 2 pcs. of a very well-known "Atari BASIC" book written at one time by Wiesław Migut - 1 copy of the book with cassette and 1 copy of the book with floppy disk. Of course it's this year's re-edition! Additionally we've got vouchers for purchases in Retronics shop. Thx Duddie!

Nir Dary Dary from Israel decided to donate one "TIME PILOT" home made BOXED cart as a prize for the ATARI 8-BIT GAME COMPO at SV2k18! The game port was made by NEW GENERATION group and the cartridge version was done by Nir, including the art, XL box style & manual to match an original release from the 80ies! Worth to mention is, that only 5 pcs was ever made, so it's gonna be very valuable prize! Thx Nir!

Dear Party People! To decrease amount of time involved in registering and buying t-shirts at party-place to the absolute minimum I would like to ask you to make a transfer NOW.

Obviously, this is not mandatory, and it's only due to the desire to save time during SV2k18 (including realization of the party program). Payments can ALSO be made at party-place, and you can place an order for T-shirts using the following e-mail addresses:



Do not forget to add "SV2k18 T-shirt" words in an e-mail subject line.

Entrance fee: 80 PLN (20EUR) - the ticket gives entrance to the whole party (Friday-Sunday) and the concert. Any amount exceeding 80PLN will be allocated to the event costs including production of gadgets for participants.

T-shirt cost: 45PLN (12EUR)
(color: BLACK)
(sizes: XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL, XXXL).

In front of the T-shirt (breast) there is a nice party logo, and on the back there's a graphic theme: "10th Celebration Of United Atari Scene Art - GDANSK A.D. 2018" and Atari logo on the sleeve (early T-shirt project by mOOnie/MSB).

Account number:
PKO S.A. IBAN: PL94124029331111001052279738 (letters PL should be skipped for transfers from other Polish bank), BIC/SWIFT: BPKOPLPW
PayPal - greymsb@poczta.fm

In the title of the transfer, please enter:
"Entrance to SV" or "Entrance to SV + t-shirt", but in the description must be first name, surname or the nick, and the size of the T-shirt.

[UK] At the latest edition of "RiverWash" party in Katowice/POLAND another 3 (!) invitros for this year's SillyVenture edition have been presented!

 Atari Jaguar (Mystic Bytes)


Atari Falcon (Lamers)

Atari XL/XE (Agenda)


That means that total amount of SV2k18 invitations has reached 7!

And there's still almost 2 months left, so...
Stay tuned!

At the "Fujiama 2018" event held this weekend in Germany we have presented already 4th invitation for this year's "Silly Venture 2k18" edition - this time in form of 16kb intro by "Dekadence" (Finland) for Atari ST :)



We are very pleased to announce that during this year's edition of Silly Venture, will be the premiere of the new game for Atari 8-bit by the group "Agenda" - "The Rescue Expedition", released under the Polish developer label "Retronics". The game will require only 64kb of memory and will work on both PAL and NTSC systems. The price of "TRE" is not yet known, but the original in the elegant box will be available during the party, containing the game on cartridge. We encourage you to read the  offer, RETRONICS as they are one of our prize-sponsors at SV.


If you want to be "up to date" with SV news - please join us on Facebook and share it with your friends! Help us to make it another great for all ATARI fans!

SV2k18 FB profile

Thanks in advance!

In the last two weeks I received several parcels from from Charlie Chaplin (Andreas Koch). Thanks to this I managed to build this beautiful prize tower :)

It's content will go to visitors attending this year's Silly Venture! Those 6 boxes are filled with original Atari 8-bit games (like Dimos Quest, Robbo Forever, Ninja Commando or Druid), "Phonemark" tape drive for Atari, magazines, tapes, new 3.5" disks and many more goodies!

Here come some photos of the prize tower. Ich danke dir für alles, Charlie!

Also our friend from Germany JAC! (Peter Dell) decided to found the beautiful Atari hoodie :) Ich danke dir, Peter!


Yup, we did it again! We have a real pleasure to present another cute SV2k18 invitro from "Simulaatio 2018" party in Finland - this time for Atari 2600! Thanks to all Dentifrice fellows for their massive effort! Let's hope we will convince more guys from Finland to come at Silly Venture :)


We were so proud last night to present the SV2k18 invitro for the Atari XL/XE at Revision 2018!

Check this out!



So, here it is! The 1st video-invitation for this year's Silly Venture 2k18 edition! Enjoy!