At the 12th edition of the "Sommarhack" event in Sweden, a new invitation to Silly Venture 2020 was presented, this time for the Atari 2600! This is also the debut of the group "Lamers" on this platform :)


So, WE HAVE IT! :) Below are the results of the survey on the colour of T-shirts for SV2020. In total 201 votes were cast - 4 additionally for white, which is not available. We were going to choose 3-4 colours... but ALL proposed ones (7 of them!) are available.
The price for one piece is 17 EURO + shipping costs. People who want to buy are asked to choose the size(s) and colour(s) by completing the survey under this link: CLICK HERE!
Warning! Sometimes AdBlock blocks the option to send a survey form. Please turn it off :) Thank you!
Production will start after collecting at least half of the votes cast, it is 100 pcs. T-shirts will be sent within a period of about 3 weeks.

My Dears, due to the 20th anniversary of "Silly Venture", we wanted to give you more than one T-shirt colour to choose from - especially since the logo designed by mOOnie looks simply amazing on all of them! :) We will probably choose the 3 or 4 that get the most votes, however we ask that people who decide to buy them take part in the survey. T-shirts will go to print next week - you will be able to order them pretty soon! (also with home delivery). Oh, and the most important thing - t-shirts will be even better quality than in previous years.

The survey can be found at the official SV2020 profile on FACEBOOK: CLICK ME NOW!



 special offer

Guys, we still have a lot of "extra" t-shirts after the last SV edition in 2019. Unfortunately, due to the tight schedule of the event, I was not able to deal with their sale during SV (as I initially planned), and when I rested and wanted to deal with this topic - COVID-19 appeared. Needless to say, the shipping of some awards has also been suspended ... (there was also a problem with the return of shipments, including the ones from Australia). The profit from the sale of these T-shirts will be used to ship the remaining prizes. As a reminder - in 2019 we celebrated the 30th anniversary of the Atari Lynx console, hence the shirts include hand-made greetings to event participants from RJ Mical - the creator of this fantastic handheld (in addition, the ATARI logo is printed on the sleeve).


For the same reason, the 2020 calendar is also about this console. Due to the fact that we have the month of May, people willing to buy a T-shirt will receive a calendar FOR FREE !!!


Please send orders to: (yes, RETRO Venture, not Silly), entering in the subject of the e-mail: "T-shirt SV2k19". When ordering t-shirts, please provide its SIZE, quantity. Availability will be checked at a given moment - if the T-shirt is in stock - I will reply by providing the PayPal account for payment and asking for the shipping address.

SV2k19 T-Shirt - 15 euro + 10 euro shipping

At the moment (05.05.2020) the following sizes and quantities of T-shirts are available:

M - 1 pc.
L- 16 pcs. (-3) = 13 pcs.
XL - 8 pcs. (-1) = 7 pcs.
XXL - 7 pcs.
4XL - 1 pc.

I will add some small surprises in the parcels yet :)

And what do you think about the Silly Venture 2020 logo with a white background? :) Of course, you can use them in your production on any platform with the fuji mountain badge;) If anyone has a specific wish associated with this - mOOnie will definitely help :)


We are pleased to inform you that the latest issue of ABBUC magazine (No. 140) features a pretty large report from Silly Venture 2019 written by Slator / Arsenic. Of course, we can only show you a demonstrative picture, and everyone is invited to purchase the mag by contacting the club (remember that the report is in German).


Later this week you will be able to order T-shirts with a beautiful stylish logo of this year's edition of the event, designed by mOOnie! Please follow the "TICKETS / GADGETS / LOCATION" section, which will start this week, because more surprises are being prepared!

Here is the visualization of this year's "Silly Venture 2020" t-shirt:


It happened - this is the first official news on the new SV site! :) We left one from the last edition in 2019, because it contains official compo results, as well as information on attendance and the number of entries and there is a lot to show off :)

Relatively little time has passed since our meeting last year, but so many things have changed the course of our demoscene reality. Canceled events, uncertain future of those who decided to shift date a few months... Despite this we don't give up! We are "lucky" that our event is taking place at the end of the year. Friends from events such as Revision also give us cheers - the best proof that if you want - you are able to! It is for us, inspiration and support for further action. We believe that nothing can stop us. Be with us!

This year we will be celebrating two big anniversaries - the first, of course, 20 years since the birth of SV. Now when I look back, I can't believe it. A part of my life spent with my passion ... and yet, it didn't start happening 20 years ago, but even earlier, when 8-bit Atari 65XE with XC-12 landed in my room :) Second, also a very important anniversary is... the 35th anniversary of the Atari ST computer. Yes, yes... It has been 35 years since the Atari company, headed by Jack Tramiel, presented the 520ST model at the Winter Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas (January, 1985).


That is why I encourage you to submit your entries for "standard" Atari ST. There will be definitely prizes and accents related to this happening. So show, that "Atari ST can also do it!" :) Ports are also welcome, intros / demos / games from the Amiga 500, which were said to not be possible on the ST :) We believe in you and your skills! :)

For this occasion, mOOnie also designed a different version of the SV logo for all those who want to stand up with the others in ST compo :) Contact us to receive the 320 x 200 version in 16 colours! Go ahead! :)



Results and releases are now all up!

Check the official results here: SV2k19 RESULTS

All SV2k19 compo entries: DEMOZOO.ORG or PIGWA FTP