Sleeping room will be available, but we encourage you to try Zatoka hotel, located very close to the party-place:

Hotel Zatoka
ul. Trakt Św. Wojciecha 149
80 – 017 Gdańsk

We're able to get a discount for the password "ATARI". When making a reservation by e-mail, enter it in the body of the message, via phone just tell them that it's about "ATARI Event".

Here is a special offer for Silly Venture participants from 7th to 10th December (Thursday-Sunday):

Standard double room for one person: 145 PLN/day - with breakfast (~34EUR/day)
Standard double room: 175 PLN/day - with breakfast (~41EUR/day)
Standard triple room: 260 PLN/day - with breakfast (~61EUR/day)
Standard quadruple Room: 340 PLN/day - with breakfast (~80EUR/day)

The above prices include breakfast - if you book through the cost of breakfast is 32PLN/person (~7.50EUR/person) - so you will save an extra 32PLN just on breakfast.

We got discount both for bed and breakfast, in case of booking without breakfast prices will be :

Standard double room for one person: 125 PLN/day - without breakfast (~30EUR/day)
Standard double room: 135 PLN/day - without breakfast (~31.50EUR/day)
Standard triple room: 200 PLN/day - without breakfast (~47EUR/day)
Standard Quadruple Room: 260 PLN/day - without breakfast (~61EUR/day)

Rooms' types:

Standard - without air conditioning
Deluxe - with air conditioning (extra charge + 10PLN/gross/day) (~2.50EUR/day)

The prices shown are gross prices.

The price includes breakfast and parking.

WARNING !!! I know that some "partisans" have made a "booking" just after announcing a party-place on Friday. Those who did it **WITHOUT** brokers can cancel their reservation and make it "again" with negotiated discounts.








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