Yeah, it's already the 10th time (!) we take this challange! After the latest edition in 2017 we recharged our batteries and decided to keep going with this Silly (ad)Venture! At least for this edition - nobody knows what the future brings. SV is a huge part of life, not only mine personally, but also yours - my dear visitors. Thanks for sharing the same passion, all your effort and love for ATARI machines! All of us created the event, which helped to keep our Fuji dreams alive another decade(s).

This year's edition is "10th Celebration of United Atari Scene Art", becasue SV was the event which brought together all of our communities from Atari VCS, through XL/XE, ST/STe/TT, Lynx and Jaguar. so we will do our best to make this edition even more unforgettable. Expect the unexpected, among the traditional highlights of the party (like a great concert by a chip-music master - Ultrasyd from France)!

Let's get loud again and inject Atari passion to everyone all over the world!

The legend never dies!

So... did you get excited enough [al]READY? :) Us too! Another year, another ATARI ad-Venture!

Don't miss it!

Yours truly, madly, deeply...

Grey / Mystic Bytes

1st April 2018 A.D.